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Who we are

Donald Moore

Landscape Architect

With over 35 years designing and building custom landscapes for commercial, institutional and residential clients, Don’s expertise will insure you will receive the best advise from planning to installation and create a design which is best suited for you, your church, company, or organization.

Each design is a process that includes your input to collaborate and co-create a lasting design that will endure with time. Listening to the needs and wants of a client will guarantee a successful and beautiful result.

Summary of qualifications

  • Diversified experience in the landscape design and construction field.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of landscaping, grading, topographical design, hardscaping elements, and general site work.

  • Broad horticultural knowledge, designing with ornamental and native plant species.

  • Experience with Conservation, HBDC, Zoning Board, and Planning board presentations for commercial and residential clients.

  • Ability to lead personnel and communicate with contractors while maintaining quality standards and meeting project deadlines. 

Landscape Design and Consultation - A lot of time can be saved by discussing your intentions with an experienced landscape architect. When planning your new home or business we would highly recommend a consultation to see if your site will meet your goals and what is invovled in making it a reality. 

Landscape Construction - Walk in Beauty can provide installation estimates and supervisory services to complete the landscape process. We can obtain all neccesary permitting if needed, and create a work schedule which will allow for a smooth transition from drawing board to a well conceived landscape. 


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